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For businesses looking to grow their subscriber base and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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Add new products to active subscriptionsIncrease Customer Lifetime Value
Decrease support cost
This feature allows customers to add new products to their existing subscription, which can be simple or variable products. The subscription price is automatically updated to reflect the new total. This creates a much more personalized experience and puts the customer in control of their subscription.
Switch product variations
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Decrease support cost
Customers will have the option of changing product variations on an existing subscription. Maybe they want to try a different coffee blend or switch to a larger pack. These customization features will go a long way towards keeping the customer happy and loyal besides reducing support needs.
Change product quantitiesIncrease Customer Lifetime Value
Decrease support cost
Customers will have the flexibility to change product quantities of their subscription by themselves, giving them greater control over their subscription and user experience. This will lead to higher Customer Lifetime Value and a lower number of support tickets.
Pause subscription until specific datesIncrease Customer Lifetime Value Decrease support cost
Reduce churn
If a customer needs to hit pause on their subscription, perhaps due to travel plans or some unforeseen circumstances, this allows them to do so. The subscription will be automatically reactivated at the specified date without changing the subscription's payment schedule. Giving them this flexibility prevents premature cancelations.
Back-end notes for subscription changesOptimize inventory and shipping management
Improve customer support process
Having a back-end record of all subscription changes made by customers will enable you to improve your inventory and shipping management as well as identify improvement measures to your customer support process. The data is already there, now this feature will organize and store it for easy access.
Subscription cancelation reason (Coming Soon)
Reduce churnWhen a customer tries to cancel their subscription, they will see a pop-up asking for their cancelation reason. Their feedback will be collected for your reference and analysis so you can optimize your products and subscription process for reduced churn in the future.


For businesses looking to increase their recurring revenue by offering greater flexibility on subscriptions.

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Buy once or subscribeIncrease recurring revenueBesides showing customers upfront how much they would save by subscribing rather than making a one-time purchase, this feature allows you to turn all your stand-alone products into subscription packages. On top of saving customers money, it increases your recurring revenue. All of this without adding extra SKUs. It’s a win-win for all!
Change payment dateReduce churn
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Customers who need to change their payment date for all future orders will now be able to do so on their own, instead of creating a support ticket or canceling their subscription because it’s too much of a hassle to get it changed.
Change subscription frequencyIncrease Customer Lifetime Value
Decrease support cost
Just because a customer signed up for a monthly subscription box doesn’t mean they should be bound to it unless they cancel. This customization feature allows customers to change their subscription frequency to another option predefined by the store admin, giving them greater flexibility and control of their subscription.
Subscribe and save on your first order (Coming Soon)
Increase recurring salesOffering a special discount on the customer’s first subscription is a great incentive to convert them to subscribers. This is particularly useful for those who are hesitant to subscribe, maybe because it’s new to them, or because they’re afraid of being locked in.
Your next box ships widget (Coming Soon)Upsell
Reduce churn
This handy widget acts as a reminder of the next shipping date and prompts the customer to check the subscription box contents. Giving customers the ability to customize their subscription just before it’s shipped is a thoughtful gesture that’s bound to impress.
Delay next shipping (Coming Soon)Reduce churn
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
This is a useful feature for customers who know they won’t be around to receive the next shipping. Giving them the option to change the next shipping date on their own might seem like a small thing, but it’s often the small actions that say the most!


For businesses looking to scale their subscription operations by improving the user experience with enhanced personalization features.

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Add products to your next shippingIncrease revenueSay that you sell pet food. A customer wishes to add some extra treats for their pet in the next shipping. This feature allows them to do so without having to subscribe to it or buy it in a separate order. It saves them additional shipping charges and keeps the user experience flexible and hassle-free.
Free shipping progress barUpsell
Increase profits
Free shipping is a simple but effective way to sell more. This feature simplifies the process by prompting customers to add more products or higher profit margin products to fulfill the minimum order value for free shipping. A free shipping progress bar automatically track order eligibility for easy visibility.
Create your own mix & match subscription boxes (Coming Soon)Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Decrease support cost
Instead of limiting customers to the same fixed product choices for every subscription delivery, now they have the freedom to create their own subscription boxes every time. This means they can select different products for each shipping if they want to. If this doesn’t wow your customers, we’re not sure what will!
Manage payment methods (Coming Soon)Reduce churn
Decrease support cost
This feature allows customers to update their bank card details on their own to avoid unpaid subscriptions and saves them from having to create support tickets for such small matters.
Predefined bundles subscriptions (Coming Soon)Increase revenue and profits
Clear inventory
Creating predefined bundles of popular products is useful in a number of ways. Customers will find it easier to subscribe to products in a similar category while sellers will be able to boost their revenue and bottom line by upselling slow-moving or old stocks and/or high-margin products.
Update shipping costs for subscriptions (Coming Soon)Reduce churn
Decrease support cost
When customers change their shipping address for an active subscription, the plugin automatically updates shipping charges so that the customer is always charged the right amount for shipping. This prevents businesses from losing customers due to excessive shipping charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Force is an extension for ​​the WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin. To use it, you’ll need:

  • A self-hosted WordPress site.
  • The WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin installed on your site.

Unfortunately not, but for one-time customization needs, we recommend posting a task on the Codeable marketplace, where you’ll find the best freelance WordPress developers vetted to match your needs.

If you need ongoing support and maintenance for your website, you can check the monthly plans from

“Coming soon” features are assumptions, based on our feeling about the market need. We plan to collect enough data from the current customers about their pains and potential solutions before finalizing the roadmap and developing the next batch of features. We can’t give a time estimate because we don’t know how much time will take to collect the data.

Definitely! The extension is designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible so you can set it up quickly and easily and just focus on delighting your customers.

  • You will no longer be eligible for support.
  • You can continue using the extension but you won’t receive the latest updates. Since WordPress and WooCommerce regularly get security and improvement updates, your outdated version of Subscription Force will start lagging behind and over time, become incompatible and unstable.

We know having a quick-loading site is key for a positive user experience. It’s why Subscription Force has been designed to balance performance with functionality—there’s no reason you can’t have both!

We offer a 30-day cooling-off period for all new subscribers. If you are not completely happy with Subscription Force and cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Yes, absolutely. We offer an Agencies & Freelancers Plan that includes licensing for 50 sites.

That’s easy: Subscription Force makes life simple! Wouldn’t you rather have a single extension that offers all the features you need, than buying and installing a bunch of separate extensions by different developers that not only cost more but might create compatibility issues on top of slowing down your site?

Browse our full features here.

If your business is involved in one of the following industries, please do not buy our plugins because unfortunately, we will not be able to offer support:

  • Weapons or ammunition
  • Drugs / hallucinogenic substances
  • CBD
  • Alcohol
  • Adult websites or escort websites
  • Animal/insects killing – eg. poisons / insecticides / raticides but also websites that sell furs, animal skins, etc.
  • Gambling/casinos

If you bought this plugin and later realized you can’t get support, please contact us and we’ll gladly offer you a refund.

Thanks for your understanding.

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