Best WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension To Grow Your WooCommerce Store Revenue

Subscription Force is the only full-featured extension to the WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin that increases your recurring revenue exponentially and efficiently by keeping your customers happy and active.

Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee
Official WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension developer
Customer Support Response within 1 business day

Extended features for your WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

Maximize your recurring revenue by offering a subscription plan to your customers with our thoughtfully designed self-service personalization features:

Add new products to active subscriptions
Switch subscription product variations
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Change product quantities
Pause subscription until specific dates​
Change the next payment date
Change subscription renewal frequency
Free shipping progress bar
noun_Add to Cart_1589730
Buy once or subscribe​
noun_packet login_2939668
Add products to your next shipping​
Create mix & match subscription boxes with Composite Products
Predefined bundle subscriptions​ with Product Bundles

Why choose Subscription Force?

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Exceptional Customer Service

Whether it’s a simple query or a technical issue, our passionate customer service team is always ready to help! Just submit a ticket and our dedicated plugin support agents will be in touch within 24 business hours.


Zero Coding Involved

You don’t need any coding skills to install and customize the Subscription Force extension. We’re the developers, not you! Our extension is designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible so you can set up subscription models quickly and easily and just focus on delighting your customers.

Integration with Product Bundles and Composite Products

Subscription Force works with WooCommerce Product Bundles and Composite Products plugins. That allows you to create and sell bundled variable subscriptions and mix and match subscription boxes. Your customers will also be able to edit the subscription boxes from their customer accounts without having to open a ticket.


Guaranteed Compatibility & Lightweight

Instead of installing many plugins from different developers and risking compatibility issues, our single WooCommerce subscription plugin offers a comprehensive series of features developed with compatibility. You get all the features you need with zero hassle.


CLV-Driven. Feature-Packed.

Subscription Force is the ultimate subscription extension for online stores designed to maximize recurring revenue by prioritizing customers’ happiness and convenience. With an ever-growing collection of features in a single extension, Subscription Force allows your customers to personalize their subscription preferences. The happier the customer, the longer their subscription remains active and the more recurring revenue you make. In short, Subscription Force optimizes your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


100% Compatible with WooCommerce​

Subscription Force is designed to be 100% compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin. With our all-in-one subscription extension, you can personalize the customer’s user experience automatically and efficiently without overloading the online store with multiple plugins, which prevents conflict issues.


Value for Money

Our single extension saves money, time, and effort you would otherwise spend on hiring developers or buying multiple single-function plugins. Subscription Force users typically save up to $800 on 5-10 separate plugins for the features we offer. Starting at just $79.99 per year for a single site, Subscription Force gives you more bang for your buck!

What people say about the team behind Subscription Force:

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Exponential Growth of Your WooCommerce Subscriptions Revenue