20 Top WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions To Upgrade Your Store

With the increase in ecommerce and online stores, customers and store owners are always looking to add more features to increase revenue. WooCommerce plugin is famous because it has many features out of the box, and it can be extended by other plugins that you can purchase on the WooCommerce.com marketplace or third-party websites. 

Ecommerce in WordPress

If you are building an eCommerce site, WooCommerce is the perfect platform; it acts as a plugin for WordPress. You can turn your WordPress website into a fully operational online store by using the most trusted WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce works wonders when you use it with WordPress sites to sell digital or physical goods. Choosing the best WooCommerce plugins can add interesting features to your store and increase revenue.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce converts the WordPress site into a fully functional online store and makes it a fantastic e-commerce store. This store has product listings, categories, a shopping cart tab, and many other collections. You can download WooCommerce for free from the WordPress.org website.

What are WooCommerce Extensions?

Although WooCommerce works as a plugin for WordPress while building an eCommerce site but needs the advanced features that are pivotal for running a good shop with consistent revenue. That is where the extensions come in. With tons of powerful extensions and plugins, owners can reach more audiences and boost their sales. The extensions’ features also help buyers click on the add to cart tab; this is a great marketing technique. There are tons of woocommerce extensions on the internet, do proper research to select the best woocommerce extensions.

Where To Download and Buy WooCommerce Extensions From?

  • WooCommerce.com

To use some of the WooCommerce extensions that are not free, you can visit WooCommerce.com, the official and trusted WooCommerce extensions marketplace. 

You can find extensions for just about any feature that you wish for; just use the search on the WooCommerce.com marketplace to find out the extensions that fulfill your needs. 

Once you have purchased the extension, you can download the zip files, upload them to your WordPress site, and activate them by entering your unique license key. Each extension has its support and updates, so be sure to keep them updated and when you need help, ask the team that built the extension.

  • WordPress.org

You can find official free versions of many WooCommerce extensions on WordPress.org. Most are free to use and can be upgraded to premium versions for additional features and support. 

You will be amazed that some of the most powerful extensions are free to download. 

  • Codecanyon

Codecanyon is a third-party commercial marketplace to buy WordPress themes, plugins, and code scripts. Even though it is not an official marketplace, some of the most respectable WordPress developers use Codecanyon to sell their code.

  • Use Search Engines and Purchase from reputable companies.

Some WordPress developers do not use Codecanyon or WooCommerce marketplaces. Instead, they sell on their websites; you can find them by searching for features for your WooCommerce stores on Google; chances are you will find some hidden and known gems in the WooCommerce ecosystem. 

How To Know Which WooCommerce Plugins To Use?

Choosing the right WooCommerce plugin is challenging, but once you sort it out, it gives you various options that can fit your purpose. By keeping in mind just a few things, you can make the right pick:

  • Decide which additional features you need for your WooCommerce store.
  • Consider the cost, ease of use, and the plugin’s theme before choosing it.
  • Review the plugin’s update history to look for the latest changes and documentation.
  • Make sure your provider doesn’t apply restrictions on your selected WooCommerce plugin.
  • Always look for professional support while looking for WooCommerce plugins.
  • Focus on individual plugins if you want to save money; buying packages in bulk is also an excellent way to prepare for the future and increase your revenue.
  • Knowing about the right WooCommerce plugin is equally feasible for your customers; prefer the plugin that assists your customers too.

Ultimately, WooCommerce plugins that serve your customers right are the finest choice.

Best WooCommerce Plugins To Improve Features of WooCommerce

Here is a list of some of the best woocommerce plugins for your WooCommerce store:

  1. WooCommerce Subscriptions

This plugin is excellent for collecting recurring revenue; you can manage your WooCommerce subscription list and keep track of billings at the checkout. It is equally beneficial for online and offline stores. Some features of WooCommerce Subscriptions are:

  • It offers a free trial for subscription-based products and services to customers. It helps in building customer loyalty.
  • The customer is free to cancel the subscription anytime they want.
  • You can turn your product-selling eCommerce store into a WooCommerce subscription-based store within a few clicks.
  • It offers payment gateways for subscriptions on the WooCommerce store.
  1. SubscriptionForce

It is one of the most compatible extensions for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. You can use this plugin to customize your customer’s user experience efficiently. SubscriptionForce gives a buzz to boost your subscription growth, decrease churn and increase customer lifetime value. Some of the SubscriptionForce features are:

  • It is a fully-featured extension with all the ingredients to keep your customers happy.
  • The extended feature gives you a switch product variation tab option and a change product quantities plugin.
  • You can allow changes to the next payment date for your customers and manage your free shipping progress bar.
  • You need no coding experience to use this plugin, it is intuitive, and you can set up your store easily.
  1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This plugin helps to automate the invoices you send to your customers after they purchase a product. It is the best plugin for woocommerce stores that require continuous PDF invoices. When a client gets a confirmation email, they automatically get a PDF invoice for confirmation. If you are dealing with shipping and operations, then use this plugin. You can use this plugin in multiple languages. It helps you create credit notes and add invoices to your orders. Some of its features are:

  • It is time-saving and sustainable.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Automated invoice slip
  • It is available in free and premium packages.
  • It is free
  1. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

The YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. It adds the much-needed Wishlist option for customers. Customers can check back on their favorite products or purchase them later. This feature gives the customer a good interface, and they enjoy the surfing process on your site. It is also great to boost your sales and increase your click rate. It only works for some brands; you can download the core plugin for free, but for additional features, you need to pay $89.99. Some of its best features include:

  • The potential for a hike in sales per checkout reminds customers of their past interests by keeping track of their search history on the site.
  • It allows users to share their wish lists on social media and offers other wishlist options.

This plugin can work great for established brands with many customers. It is not beneficial for new stores as they have few products and fewer customers.

  1. WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

WooCommerce Multilingual is great for stores that want to add multiple currencies. It is excellent for bigger brands who wish to reach new opportunities in the global markets. Brands who want their customers to feel special opt for this plugin by giving them a shopping experience in their language.

This plugin has translation options, a translation reviews tab, and a multilingual SEO optimization feature. Like other plugins, this one also offers a free version for WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency; it is available at the WordPress repo. Customers get to choose multiple currencies for their WooCommerce business. A paid version is also available if anyone wants their full multilingual capabilities. Some of its best features are:

  • This plugin works great with WooCommerce and some of its extensions.
  • Easy configuration with the ease of multiple currency use.
  • Its editor interface makes it super easy to implement translations.

Try this plugin if you have a personal online store or build e-commerce stores for other clients. Great for setting in the global market with multilingual options.

  1. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

This great plugin lets you title your tabs with information of your choice, like descriptions, specifications, reviews, and various other options. It cleans up your product pages first with close tabs. Customers and owners of the online store can add content, such as images, videos, and text. Without custom coding, you can manage your tabs using the WordPress editor. The core plugin is free; for upgraded features, you need to pay $29.99. Some of the best features include:

  • Easy installation with options to add tabs to your product pages.
  • Content on your tabs can be shortcodes, images, text, and other elements.
  • It is compatible with WPML for translation purposes.

It is feasible for all kinds of online stores. This plugin gives them space to add more information and make it readable. The Woocommerce plugin has additional features that provide a good user interface to customers.

  1. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce enables multiple collections; bulk price converting, currencies, and global discounts are some of the features. The interface for payment gateways is also attractive, like the checkout and products. The core plugin of Booster for WooCommerce is free; with added features, you can buy the premium version for $99.99. Some of the best parts of this plugin are:

  • It is a complete eCommerce plugin. It gives store owners an advanced online store experience.
  • Its adjustable feature gives you the space to adjust buttons, price labels, and other labels.
  • The multiple gateways allow you to improve your payment with the help of min or max amount.
  • It makes your emails and PDF invoicing much better.
  • It is the best plugin for WordPress ecommerce stores that require converting currencies and have customers around the globe.

The features of this plugin are extended, and it has something for every online store. You can use this plugin if you want to use only one plugin to add different features.

  1. EU VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce

This plugin is excellent for business stores from the EU as they require VAT or Value-Added tax for sales in the EU. This plugin does the backlog work, like converting currencies, identifying customer locations, and applying the VAT fee when required. Core plugin features are free; the premium version costs around $50. Some of the features include:

  • It automatically identifies the location of your clients without your help.
  • It makes sure you follow the EU laws.
  • The charges are audited for future purposes.
  • The final VAT prices are shown on the pages for a fair business.
  • It supports digital and physical goods on the e-commerce site.

You can consider this if you reside in the EU or market in the EU.

  1. Checkout Field Editor

The checkout field editor is great for all kinds of editing in the checkout area. Add, edit, and delete custom fields in your checkout area. This plugin makes your checkout area look more versatile as it integrates directly with the WooCommerce store. You can also edit and add new fields; you can make a label, placeholder, and names filed with the help of this plugin. It is helpful for B2B companies with a good flow of custom orders. The core plugin is free, but for more features, you can pay $39. The premium version offers new themes and fields like numbers, checkboxes, and file uploads. Some of the features of this plugin are :

  • It provides several new field items like classes, labels, and types.
  • It makes the checkout modules customizable.
  • You can navigate around fields to place them in different areas of the checkout process.

This plugin is excellent for B2B stores requiring additional customer details. Otherwise, the WooCommerce checkout area already has multiple options, and simple stores do not need this plugin.

  1. WooCommerce Menu Cart

The WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin works smoothly with WooCommerce. This plugin helps you to add a shopping cart button to your main menu. The WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin is necessary because some WordPress designs and themes don’t offer a shopping cart option. 

It has a free version, while the premium version is also available, giving icons, a cart flyout, and other interesting features. Some of the essential features of this plugin are:

  • It has the feature to turn non-WooCommerce themes into a functional online store. For good sales, the shopping cart icon plays a pivotal role.
  • Within minutes you can install this plugin and use the shopping cart icon on your menu.

People who are using WordPress without the theme of a cart icon can consider installing this plugin.

  1. YITH WooCommerce Compare

If you are selling a product that needs side-by-side comparison, YITH WooCommerce Compare is the right pick. By installing this plugin, you set the goods or attributes you would like to compare. You can use a clickable compare button for your customers. An automatic pop-up appears for your customers for comparison. The plugin is free, but the premium subscription costs $69.99. Some of the features include:

  • The quick feature of this plugin improves the user experience, and you can choose the features for comparison in the table.
  • Customers can also add items to their shopping lists from the comparison table.

You can use this plugin when dealing with standardized specifications like electronics and other appliances.

  1. WooLentor-WooCommerce Builder for Elementor and Gutenberg

People without knowledge of coding can create WooCommerce pages with the help of this plugin. This plugin helps you to build a practical WooCommerce store without any hassle. It works with Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress.

Rename, label, and so on. The free version is well-equipped with all the essential features. The Premium version offers email automation, product size chart, GTM Conversion Tracking, and other options. Some of the features include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop interface for creating pages without any knowledge of coding
  • Responsive design styles for use on all kinds of devices.

It is a great plugin for those who want to create online stores without learning the coding language. Top woocommerce plugins always add the latest interface to entertain their customers.

  1. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

It is a free web analytics tool that provides detailed insight into your store. This plugin uses your store, and Google Analytics accounts to give feedback on your store visitors. The installation of this plugin is easy. Some of the features of this plugin are:

  • It gives you a tab to set your Google Analytics goals and funnels.
  • You can not use this plugin if you use blockers for your search engine.
  1. Cartflows

Cartflows offer a WooCommerce checkout and funnel-building option for the WooCommerce store. It is a handy checkout option that is the right pick for store owners with a busy checkout conversion rate.

This plugin allows you to create unlimited sales funnels to increase your store’s Average Order value. Some of the features of this plugin are:

It gives a fresh and modern look to your WooCommerce store checkout.

It provides a frictionless checkout experience for your customers. The interface is fast and designed to get you more conversions.

  1. Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

This plugin gives your customers a spending limit and encourages them to spend more. You are free to set a minimum order quantity for your customers. Weigh the minimum order limit carefully to meet your customer’s needs. Some of the features of this plugin are:

  • It gives you the option to cover your shipping and handling costs.
  • You can also set a minimum order quantity.
  • This plugin equally helps small businesses and helps in building the conversion rate.
  1. WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

If you are looking to create a versatile marketplace like Amazon, this plugin can be helpful. Its features are easy to use, and you need a minimal setup. One plus point of this plugin is that it gives you access to your customized WooCommerce Frontend Manager for further assistance. Some of its features are:

  • Its features are robust and diverse
  • Provides flexible commission
  • You can offer single-product vendors on your platform
  • Easy refund request.
  • It is a free plugin with the potential to grow your e-commerce site.
  1. WooCommerce Quademo-Tax Automation

Businesses with good revenue often need help keeping track of their tax details. This plugin enables you to simplify your tax calculation. This plugin makes a backup with every sale and follows all the tax-complaint receipts and credit card notes. Some of the features of this plugin are:

  • The data in the WooCommerce store help this plugin to calculate accurate taxes.
  • Fully automated
  • Back up and record every sale.
  • Add-on woocommerce is a good investment for the store owner.

It is available in free and paid versions. You can try this plugin if you have to pay significant taxes.

  1. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows customers in different countries to see the product price equivalent to their local currency rate. Once you install this plugin, you allow your customers to switch to their preferred currency. You can also use this plugin to set a fixed amount for free shipping, fixed coupon verification, and other currencies. Some of the features of this plugin include the following:

  • It sets currency rates in real time for the customer’s convenience
  • Allows customers to pay at preferred rates
  • You can select a price format

This plugin is great for businesses that work globally. It has a free and paid version for extended features.

  1. Product Import/Export for WooCommerce

It is not easy to manage a product database with a stock of thousands of products. When an online store prepares products for delivery, they have to save product images, metadata, keywords, description, and other information like product reviews. Some of the features are:

  • By using this plugin, you can easily import/export your products.
  • Creating a CSV file and importing it to your online store is easy.
  • It has a free version with all the necessary features. The premium version offers detailed features for keeping a store stock tidy.
  1. Buy Once or Subscribe for WoooCommerce Subscriptions

This additional plugin encourages customers to take action on your e-commerce store. This extension allows you to turn all your stand-alone products into subscription packages. This is an add-on for the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

This plugin’s features include

  • Add a buy once or subscribe to any simple or variable product on the shop and product pages.
  • Define subscription frequencies and allow them to be editable.
  • Add discounts for individual frequencies: for the selected products to be sold as a subscription, you can add or not add a discount.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce plugins with a high adoption rate with positive ratings can help you decide which plugin to buy. Missing out on the proper use of the WooCommerce plugin means losing revenue and less audience.

There are numerous extensions available thanks to the ever-growing ecosystem of WordPress and WooCommerce. You can buy feature-rich extensions and get access to premium support that developers behind plugins and extensions provide themselves.