How to Add Free Shipping Progress Bar on WooCommerce

Free shipping is a powerful incentive to attract and retain customers on eCommerce platforms. It eliminates the additional cost burden for customers and encourages them to complete their purchases. WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin for online stores, offers a default free shipping feature. However, while the feature is functional, it lacks the transparent and engaging customer experience that a progress bar can offer.

Customers appreciate clarity when it comes to their online shopping experience. By displaying a progress bar that visually shows their progress towards qualifying for free shipping, you can increase trust and engagement with your WooCommerce website. This transparency helps customers plan their purchases and motivates them to add more items to their cart to reach the free shipping threshold.

This guide will explore how to add the free shipping bar in WooCommerce stores using the SubscriptionForce plugin.

Does WooCommerce Offer a Free Shipping Option

WooCommerce comes with a built-in free shipping feature that allows online store owners to offer free shipping to their customers based on specific criteria. This feature enables you to set a minimum order value or quantity to qualify for free shipping. When customers meet the defined criteria, they can enjoy the benefit of having their items shipped to them at no additional cost.

Why Should You Add A Free Shipping Progress Bar

While the default free shipping feature in WooCommerce is functional, it may lack certain aspects that can enhance the customer experience. For example, there is no visual indicator that informs customers about their progress toward qualifying for free shipping. Customers might be left guessing how much more they need to add to their cart to reach the threshold. This is where adding a free shipping progress bar can add value by providing transparency and encouraging customers to reach the threshold.

Understanding how the existing free shipping feature works in WooCommerce lays the foundation for enhancing it further by incorporating a progress bar. By customizing this feature through a plugin, you can make the free shipping experience more interactive and engaging for your customers. Next, we will explore choosing an appropriate plugin for adding a free shipping progress bar to your WooCommerce website.

Best Way To Add Free Shipping Progress Bar on WooCommerce Stores

When it comes to adding a free shipping progress bar to your WooCommerce website, there are several plugin options available. One such plugin is “SubscriptionForce,” which we will use for this guide. 

When selecting a plugin, it is crucial to consider its features and compatibility with WooCommerce. Look for plugins that specifically mention compatibility with WooCommerce or have integrations. Ensure that the plugin offers the functionality to display a progress bar indicating the customer’s progress toward free shipping. 

User reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into the usability and reliability of a plugin. Study the experiences shared by other WooCommerce users who have used the plugin you are considering. Look for positive feedback regarding the plugin’s ease of use, functionality, and customer support. A high number of positive reviews and ratings can indicate a reliable plugin that is likely to meet your needs effectively.

In this guide, we will proceed with “SubscriptionForce” as the chosen plugin for adding a free shipping progress bar on your WooCommerce website. Its compatibility with WooCommerce, feature set, and positive user reviews make it an excellent option for implementing the progress bar. Let’s continue by installing and activating the “SubscriptionForce” plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Installing SubscriptionForce

To begin the installation process, Ensure you have WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins installed and activated on your website before installing SubscriptionForce. 

Next, visit the website and purchase the “PROFESSIONAL” plan. After purchasing the plugin, you will receive an email with access details, license key and account access. Download the plugin and upload it on your WordPress website by navigating to Plugins > Add New and upload the .zip file. 

After uploading the SubscriptionForce plugin, you will need to enter the license key to activate the plugin. 

After the plugin is successfully installed, you will see an “Activate” button. Click on it to activate the plugin. Once activated, the “SubscriptionForce” plugin will be ready on your WooCommerce website.

To enable the Free Shipping bar, head over to WooCommerce > Settings > SubscriptionForce, and you will see the options and rules to add to free shipping. 

You can set the minimum order value required to qualify for free shipping in the settings. Also, you can choose to display the Free Shipping bar on WooCommerce product pages, cart pages and the checkout page. 

Whenever a customer adds products that exceed the minimum order value on your store, they will see a bar telling them that they have qualified for free shipping, and any shipping costs on the checkout page will be set to zero. 

If a customer hasn’t yet exceeded the minimum order value, they will see a partially filled bar with the currency value they would need to qualify for free shipping. 

Additional Tips To Increase The Effectiveness of Free Shipping Bar

Design a Free Shipping Bar With a Clear Message.

To maximize the impact of the free shipping progress bar, it’s important to communicate its significance to customers. Clearly state the benefits of reaching the free shipping threshold and how close they are to availing this offer. Use persuasive messaging close to the progress bar, such as “Only $10 away from free shipping” or “Add more items to your cart for free shipping.”

Add Pop-ups to Tell Visitors About Free Shipping

In addition to communicating the progress, strategically motivate customers to reach the free shipping threshold. Promote the benefits of free shipping, such as saving money and enhancing overall value. Consider implementing tactics like a pop-up message or call-to-action button reminding customers to add more items to their cart for free shipping eligibility.

Track The Performance and Make Improvements

Track the performance of the free shipping progress bar using analytics tools or WooCommerce’s built-in reporting features. Analyze how the presence of the progress bar impacts customer behavior, conversion rates, and average order value. If necessary, make adjustments to the appearance, messaging, or free shipping threshold based on the insights gathered. Continuously iterating and optimizing the progress bar can lead to improved results.

By implementing these additional tips and best practices, you can effectively utilize the free shipping progress bar to drive customer engagement, increase conversions, and enhance the overall shopping experience on your WooCommerce website.

In conclusion, the free shipping progress bar is a valuable tool that provides transparency and motivation for customers to reach the threshold. Following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing the suggested best practices can enhance your WooCommerce store, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.