11 Tips to Boost Sales of Your WooCommerce Store

Ecommerce store owner? Worried about how to increase sales online? Tried out various hacks to get sales boosted and nothing works.

See, you aren’t alone in this race. There are many WooCommerce store owners who have been trying but couldn’t reach to success rate. 

Now you have landed on this blog and I have curated a few proven tips that can help you to boost your WooCommerce store growth.

1. Website Performance Matters

If you want your customers to stay with your WooCommerce stores. Enable the store’s happening fast as you can. If you want things to work as per your plan, the Google recommended page load time is under two seconds. This means, if your WooCommerce store is taking more than 2 – 3 seconds then you are losing your potential customers.

Yikes! Nobody wants to wait if you are still having a flat sale of 90% OFF.

So what things you should look for? Do check with your plugins(it should be updated and secure), and try to write clean code and optimized product images. Last but not the least, your WooCommerce hosting provider can make or build things for you.

PS: Do check with Google Core Web Vital KPIs it will benefit you in long run. Don’t go for a sprint, prepare for a marathon!

2. Implement Quick Checkout to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Do you like standing in a queue? 😀 Personally, I don’t like going for groceries and I hate standing in queue. :’(

That’s the same process for your WooCommerce store. The quicker your store’s checkout process is, the higher the chances customers are likely to complete the purchase. The fact is, cart abandonment is a rising concern among all eCommerce merchants.

According to Moosend, a staggering average of 69% of online carts are being abandoned by users.

To overcome this issue, store owners adopt various approaches like sending emails that your checkout process is incomplete. I recently saw the idea of sending a push notification on a phone that pops up with the message: “complete your checkout process”. The rest is to make it simple, don’t ask for unnecessary information; give them options for multiple accounts sign-up, payment options, etc.

3. Offer Free-Shipping

Old school one! However, I found it effective. A slight increase to your product with ZERO shipping can do wonders. Even if you don’t strategize it that way you can definitely make it work around the number of products “sold out”.

Ultimately, this encourages the buyers to discover your store, and this helps you to increase the number of new customers to your store.

4. Discounts & Offers Attracts

Who doesn’t want to avail of offers or products with lesser price tags? Therefore, people prefer to shop from online stores. Introducing a coupon code system helps the store merchant to grab the attention of the customers. And, the best part is it enhances the chance of converting that customer, “loyal” to your store.

Sometimes a good percentage off discount doesn’t work – what to do next? You can create an adrenaline rush in their mind by offering limited-time deals and discounts.

The best part is that BFCM is around the corner. Grab the opportunity and hit the sales target of the year. 😉

5. Offer Products on Subscriptions

While selling customer products at a one-time cost is exciting and profitable, it is also challenging. Not all customers that visit your store are ready to spend a big amount on a single product, thus, get confused or simply leave the store. To remedy this, the simplest and most effective thing you can do is to start offering such products on subscriptions.

Selling stand-alone products on subscriptions allows your customers to spread the cost over multiple weeks or months. This further improves the number of sales as your customers have more options to buy from you. As the store owner, you gradually build a steady stream of recurring revenue which can be effective in filling gaps in slower sales months.

Subscription Force is a suite of tools that works as an extension to the popular WooCommerce Subscription plugin. Subscription Force allows you to extend the default features of the WooCommerce Subscription plugin by offering features like a self-serving dashboard to your customers and the ability to tie discounts to subscription packages.

6. Optimized the Overall Experience of Your WooCommerce Store

This is the important one – your store layout, colors, and themes determine the growth of sales of your WooCommerce store. If the user experience is bad, it doesn’t allow the user what to do next then it’s going to bother users a lot.

As a store owner, you should keep an eye on how the flow works of your store. Is it user-friendly, and compatible across the platform (like Safari, Google Chrome, IE, etc.)? The cherry on top, make it SEO optimized, and mention the clear call to action.

7. Elevate Your Product Pages Using Custom Fields

WooCommerce comes up with tons of amazing options. It allows the developers to add an unlimited number of custom fields to product pages. With the help of these custom fields, you can display important information to users regarding that and also maintain inventory management.

For instance, you can display some special product qualities that stand out and drive customers to make a purchase with a sales copy. Also, you can highlight the number of stocks remaining, and make a proper categorization of your product.

As a result, it helps you to show relevant products if a customer selects a niche around Apple or MAC OS.

8. Start a Loyalty Program

It’s ok if your seasonal sales couldn’t work for you. And, it mainly happens in the last quarter of every year. This doesn’t mean that you should stop or thrive for getting more sales. Remember creating attractive campaigns and offering exclusive deals can beat holiday sales.

Sometimes it varies from industry to industry. To overcome this challenge, implement a gift card or loyalty program option for existing customers. So the sales keep rolling in throughout the year.

9. Gamification: Run an Online Contest

Running content can be a hack for you! It helps you to generate more traffic to your store and product awareness for your store. However, it becomes really common these days, it depends on how you run and market it.

What you can do is run a long-duration contest and it could be a spin wheel. For example, a user runs a spin wheel and wins an Apple Watch. With that, you can motivate a user to make a purchase from your store. If you buy a similar price range of products, we will drop your winning product on your doorstep.

Whenever you run a contest build hype across your all social media platforms.

10. Keep them Updated with Personalized Newsletter

I witnessed that people like to call by their names. It builds the room to connect and engage more with your customers. Store owners always come with this concern of poor ope-rate of their emails or low traffic from the newsletter to their stores.

If you want your newsletter brings traffic to your WooCommerce customized the recipient section and update the content as per their last activities.

With this, the design and content also play a part – maintaining less text, and minimal graphics with one CTA will work out.

11. Product Reviews

Build trust around your user first. There is a huge competition when it comes to eCommerce stores, so you should know why the users buy from your store.

Always place loyal customer reviews and ratings to confine their choice. Ask your customer politely via email or message how the product is for them. This will also increase the chance of them coming back to your store again.

Final Words

What’s the next step? Now, it’s time for you to sit around among your team. Gather your thoughts on the above tips on how to increase sales online. 
You might see a lot of people working on the same tips over and over again. However, you should stay consistent and have the patience to make it workable in a long run.

If you have any thoughts that I should cover regarding the sales tips. Don’t forget to mention it in the comment section.

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