10 Tips to Reduce Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce Store

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, then you know that it’s frustrating when customers abandon their cart. It can feel like all of your hard work in getting them to your store has gone to waste.

Let’s understand what an abandoned cart is for WooCommerce. You visit an online store, select a product, hit the add to cart, and sadly you exit the store rather than completing the purchase. This one-line process is known as WooCommerce abandoned cart.

For users, it seems nothing, but for online merchants, it becomes really hectic. Now that we understand the problem, let’s talk further about why this happens and touch on some simple solutions.

What is the Reason for the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

There are many reasons why someone might abandon their shopping cart on a WooCommerce site. One common reason is that the customer is simply not ready to purchase the items yet and wants to save them for later. Another possibility is that the customer had some difficulty with the checkout process and got frustrated, leading them to abandon their cart.

Similarly, it is also quite possible that due to a recent marketing campaign or promotion you attracted the wrong audience. They were interested, but not ready to purchase. There might also be some technical issues on the site that are causing problems for the customer. Whatever the reason, it is essential to try to address the issue so that it does not happen again.

Tips to Reduce WooCommerce Abandoned Carts

1. Offer Multiple Payment Gateways

One major reason why customers abandon their carts is that they don’t see their preferred payment method listed. To combat this, make sure to offer a variety of payment gateways so that customers can choose their preferred method.

Offering multiple payment gateways gives your customers the freedom to complete a purchase. The great part is that with WooCommerce you can install various payment gateways, including the most popular ones like PayPal and Stripe. The more payment options you offer, the more chances you have to reduce the WooCommerce abandoned carts for your store.

2. Using Exit-Intent Popups

Another common reason for abandoned carts is that shoppers are simply not ready to commit to a purchase. They may be undecided about the product, concerned about the cost, or looking for a better deal elsewhere. This is especially true for big-ticket items or items that require a lot of consideration before purchase. For example, shoppers may want to research a high-end PC before making such a large purchase, or they may want to compare prices on different websites before committing to a purchase.

Exit-intent popups can be an effective way to reduce abandoned carts, as they provide a last-chance opportunity to engage with the shopper and convince them to complete their purchase.

Here are 10 tips to make sure your exit-intent popups are as effective as possible:

  1. Keep the message clear and concise.
  2. Focus on the benefits of the product.
  3. Use a strong call-to-action (CTA).
  4. Offer a discount or other incentive.
  5. Make the popup easy to close.
  6. Use a targeting strategy to ensure the right audience sees the popup.
  7. Test different popup designs and placements.
  8. segment your audience and customize the message for each group.
  9. Use social proof to build trust.
  10. Review your results and make changes as needed.

3. Implement Guest Login

Guest Login allows customers to check out without having to create an account. This can be a barrier for some customers, as they may not want to take the time to create an account just to make a purchase.

With this, you can also speed up the checkout process. It can also provide customers with a sense of anonymity, which can be important for some customers who are concerned about privacy. It becomes a win-win for both and your customers and you can ask for an email subscription for future promotions once the purchase is done.

4. Grab Attention by Sending Cart Abandoned Emails

This is a damage control strategy that gives you another chance to close the sale. When a customer abandons their cart, it is generally because they were not ready to make a purchase or they were not sure about the purchase. By sending a reminder email, you can often encourage them to come back and complete their purchase. In addition, including a special offer or discount in the email can further entice them to finish their purchase.

There are various plugins available that allow you to automatically send cart abandonment emails to customers. If the customer left his/her email address or abandoned the cart after creating an account, these plugins can send them compelling emails and convince them to resume their online shipping.

5. Offer a Solid Return Policy

As a store owner, you should maintain a clear return policy page. It eliminates the fear factor of the buyer making a purchase from the new store. Ideally, you should mention a few points on your return policy page like what sort of items are eligible for return. Mention the time duration to initiate the product return. And, also mention there should be a cut-off required wherever applicable.

A clear return policy also protects the store in case of any customer disputes. If the store clearly outlines its return policy, it is less likely to be taken advantage of by a customer who is not happy with its purchase.

6. Showcase Clear Pricing for Your Product

Nothing is more frustrating than the hidden fees that appear during the checkout process. Besides, if there are any additional fees then mention them on the product page. Don’t misguide the users.

Having a set price also allows customers to budget for their purchase, which can prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and ultimately discouraged from completing their purchase. The great part is that with WooCommerce you can install the shipping calculator that helps you to avoid such issues. I would recommend you be specific when it comes to the shipping cost.

7. Implement a Free Shipping Progress Bar

A bold yet effective strategy is to implement a free shipping progress bar. It will allow the customers to see how far they are from receiving free shipping. The progress bar can keep them motivated and as soon as they hit free shipping they are committed. At this point, customers are less likely to abandon their carts.

With Subscription Force, customers can easily integrate the progress bar and reduce their number of abandoned carts significantly while adding more orders.

8. Try A/B Testing with Your Forms

In a digital world, we have to believe in a process of test, test, and test! It doesn’t mean that if option “A” works for some other store owners, the exact option will work for your business as well. Every website is unique and some of them have niche audiences so you have to figure out what works best for you. with the help of A/B testing.

After you finish testing the potential options, you can check the results on different analytics tools like GA, MixPanel, Heap, and so on. It becomes easy for you to make choices with a data-driven approach and track user behavior. Besides, you can apply the split testing and divide the traffic by sending them to “Form1” and “Form2”.

9. Streamline the Checkout Process

If your checkout process has too many steps and is time-consuming your customers will get annoyed or demotivated, leading to more carts being abandoned.. You might end up losing potential customers. Try to maintain a single-page checkout process, where all the relevant checkout information like the personal details, delivery, and billing address are neatly structured.

10. Make the Cart Noticeable & Prominent

It happens to all of us when we added items to our online shopping cart. However, we forgot to retain the focus that we had performed some activities within the store. So the cart icon should create an action that allows the user to complete the checkout process.

With WooCommerce, you can have multiple themes that come up with intuitive and clear dedicated shopping cart icons at the top of the page or in the navigation menus.

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